September @ Mills


Message from the School Director 校長的話

Welcome back, everyone! What a joy to see our students recharged and ready for the fun and challenges that lie ahead for the new school year.


Dear parents and children,


The beginning of the school year marks a time of promise and potential, and 2019-20 is no exception! With skilled and devoted staff and a supportive family community at Mills, each and every student is poised to achieve academic excellence, become emotionally and physically stronger, and grow their talents.

每一個新學年都代表着承諾與潛能, 2019-20學年亦不例外!在苗士這個大家庭裏,有一班充滿熱誠和擁有資深教學經驗的老師,也有一班積極主動的後勤員工,在苗士就讀的每一位學生在學術上均獲取優異成績,在情感和體格上茁壯成長,天份亦得以充分發揮。

Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment where all children flourish and become responsible, caring people. Thank you for understanding that it can take a few weeks for a child to adjust to a new class, peer group, and teacher. Throughout September, we’ve see the children settle in, play well, work hard, and make new friends.


We watch as even the youngest Pre-Nursery students quickly identify their cubby, change their shoes, and place their items for class in the drop off boxes. It’s reassuring to see the children so keen to do things for themselves as this promotes important practical life skills.


K1 children are developing their confidence and social skills as they foster new friendships and learn to work together. We also see them widening their vocabularies with pre-writing and counting activities.


K2 students are making firm attempts at writing both in Chinese and English. They’ve also been gently introduced to their Jolly Phonics and numeracy programmes.

而K2的學生則開始練寫中英文字, 也開始慢慢認識數字和英文拼音。

Higher up the school in K3 (Year 1) we are seeing wonderful efforts being made during spelling and numeracy exercises. Dictation, aural comprehension, and mental math tests will be introduced soon.


Our Mills community is important to us and we have lots of exciting family events planned for the upcoming year. Nothing brings people together like festivals do, and cultural celebrations are an important part of our school life. These events enhance communal harmony, appreciation of others, and an understanding of the world for young children. It was great to see so many of you join the children and teachers in school recently, to participate in varied activities based on the Mid-Autumn Festival.


During the upcoming school year, I encourage you to take an active role in your child’s learning and get involved in their school life. Opportunities during October and November:

我誠意邀請您們在本學年繼續積極參與子女的校園生活, 10月和11月的親子活動如下:

  • Sign up to be a Mystery Reader

  • Attend Parents’ Assembly

  • Join our first Family Arty Party on Saturday, 26 October

  • Participate in the Diwali or Thanksgiving celebrations

Click here to join the Family Arty Party on 26 October.

Non-Mills families may also join in the fun!




We had a very busy day at the SCMP Education International Schools Festival during September. We’re always delighted to meet new parents and share with them the wonderful things we do at Mills.


At Mills, we believe that direct and open communication is best. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher, or our administrative staff if you have questions or wish to discuss personal academic and social goals for your child. We are always pleased to meet with you for scheduled appointments or to connect via your child’s Communication Book, by email or telephone. Also, please do not hesitate to contact me, or schedule a time to meet, if you have any questions or concerns over the course of the year. 


We’re committed to supporting your children’s learning and this year we’ve extended our co-curricular offerings by providing the new Step Ahead™ programme. Step Ahead allows Mills students aged 2 – 6 years to remain at school until 4.00pm each day for a personalised learning experience. At only $2,800 per month, spaces are sure to fill up fast.

我們致力於支持您孩子的學習,今年我們通過提供新的Step Ahead™計劃擴展了我們的課外活動。 Step Ahead™ 專為2至6歲的苗士學生而設,讓孩子每天留校至下午4時,以加強個人化的學習體驗;每月僅需$ 2,800 元的學費,相信家長會十分踴躍地為子女報讀。

Click here to enrol in Step Ahead.

 This programme is available to Mills students only.



We were proud of our co-curricular students for attaining excellent results in their recent examinations. Mills students achieved up to 15 shields – the top mark in the Cambridge examination! Our students also received first class results in the GAPSK Mandarin examination. Personalised private lessons are available for students wanting to perfect their English or Mandarin skills for everyday use, language examinations, or preparation for primary school entry interviews. Talk to our Administration staff if you would like to arrange private lessons for your child.


Let’s work together to make this a year of growth and achievement for all children at Mills.


Warmest regards,
Ms Deirdre

Playgroup 遊戲班

We welcomed new students to the Playgroup Junior and Playgroup classes, and the children have bonded with their friends during lots of exciting activities and free play.

我們歡迎參加了幼兒遊戲班和遊戲班的新生,孩子們透過不同的有趣活動和自由玩耍時間互相認識新朋友 。

This month we’ve been focusing on the theme All About Me and the children have been learning about their body, facial expressions, and different things they like to do.


This has of course involved lots of wonderful singing and dancing with musical instruments in our Star Room, as well explorative free play in the Wonder Room. Our Playgroup students have become much more confident as they discover what different things they like to play with by interacting with their friends!


Playgroup children having been learning about their senses by exploring textures and smells, and even used oranges to do some painting!


We celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival and the children loved finding mooncakes and placing them in the box. They also enjoyed mixing colours and creating moon-themed artworks.


Ms Slava

Pre-Nursery 預備班

Our Pre-Nursery children have made a wonderful start to preschool! They arrive each day excited to be in class, see their teachers, and meet new friends. It’s hard to believe it’s only been six weeks since we first started to say goodbye to our parents and caregivers on the first day.


They have quickly familiarised with daily routines such as changing to indoor shoes, and putting their folder and water bottle in the basket outside the classroom. They wave goodbye to parents and caregivers, make their way to their classroom, and engage with a wide range of fun table-top activities.


For this first month of school, we have been exploring the theme Amazing Me; learning parts of the body, identifying facial features, learning about feelings and emotions, exploring the five senses, sharing family photos with friends, and making new friends.


They’ve also been learning how to participate during circle time, eat snack independently and clean up afterwards too!


Thank you for celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with us in class and for trusting in us to make each day fruitful and fun for the children.


Ms Eloisa, Ms Felicity and Ms Jasmine


K1 have settled fully into their new class and routines of school life. It is a joy to see so many happy faces filled with enthusiasm and energy each day.


The students have been busy exploring the theme Animal Magic and have learnt about jungle animals, desert animals, aquatic animals, and farm animals. They loved searching for aquatic animals and jungle animals in our interactive deep blue sea and tropical forest whilst learning their names and different characteristics. They were amazed to learn that if we touch a jellyfish it can sting us.


As a part of our role play activity for aquatic animals, the children got the opportunity to go in a submarine. They had so much fun looking at different sea animals through the windows.


In literacy, the children have been learning to form the letter A with play dough and also enjoyed observing ants with a magnifying glass whilst learning the sound of letter a – a, a, a.

在識字方面,孩子們正在學習用麵團製作英文字母A。他們也用放大鏡來觀察螞蟻爬行來學習英文字母a – a, a, a。

In order to enhance their communication and presentation skills, the students have been participating in our daily show and tell. Children love bringing in toys and pictures to share with their friends and they have been making a great effort to present in front of a keen audience. Keep it up K1! And thank you to all our wonderful parents for helping and encouraging them to share with us in class.

為了進一步加強孩子的溝通和表達技巧,學生每天都會輪流簡單介紹一樣物件,他們十分喜愛跟專注用心聆聽的同學介紹自己的玩具和相片,所有同學都十分努力地嘗試, K1的同學要繼續努力哦!同時,感謝所有父母積極地幫助和鼓勵孩子們在課堂上跟我們分享。

Ms Urwashi


K2 has focused on the topic of storytelling during September, as well as a week celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival. We have covered Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs, Elmer and The Gruffalo. All four stories hold strong messages, which the children can relate to their own lives. They’ve had fun recreating the stories dramatically and artistically, and also used the topics as a basis for learning proper penmanship during writing exercises. The children showed great excitement when we ate porridge just like Goldilocks did in the story.

K2班九月份的專題學習主要集中講故事,其中一個星期則用來慶祝中秋。我們以四個帶有強烈訊息及跟孩子生活息息相關的故事為學習內容,分別包括「三隻小熊與金髮女孩」、「三隻小豬」、「大象魏爾默」和「古飛樂」。 孩子從戲劇和藝術層面重新演繹上述的四個故事,大家都樂在其中。在練習書寫時以上述故事為題來學習書法。當我們像故事中的金髮女孩般吃粥時,孩子們都表現得非常興奮。

Singing has been an important part of circle time and a means of practicing numeracy and phonics as well as learning to tell a story through song. In addition, circle time has focused on understanding and controlling our emotions. With the use of colours and full body expressions we are working on identifying our own emotions as well as others. Simple breathing and listening techniques in conjunction with visual representations show the students how to calm their minds during times of over stimulation or dismay.


Art has been a daily activity for the children. They have been exposed to a number of different textured materials, colour combinations, and the freedom to have a little messy fun. We have created Goldilocks bowls, Pig and Wolf puppets, Elmer elephants, and clay models of the Gruffalo.


Physical education (P.E.) has been a lesson which students have enjoyed every Tuesday and Thursday. The focus has been on balance and breathing control whilst stretching. We started with simple balance beam relays and then moved on to hopscotch where the children try to land on one foot and not fall over. This is initially difficult for them, but they pick up new skills relatively quickly, as long as the experience is a positive and focused one.


Phonics has been focused on reviewing the entire alphabet before diving into the Jolly Phonics programme. We have been working hard on introducing the students to lower case and building their recognition of beginning and ending sounds.

在進入Jolly Phonics 拼音計劃之前,我們一起複習所有的拼音字母。我們向學生介紹小寫字母,並增強他們對開始和結束聲音的認識。

They have also covered reading and writing numbers 1 – 10, and identifying and ordering numbers 0 – 20. This has included counting, grouping and estimating materials such as blocks, beads, and pompoms.

他們還涵蓋了讀寫數字1 – 10,識別和將數字0 –20排序。其中包括計數、分組和估計材料如積木塊、珠子和絨球的數量。

Thank you, parents, for your dedication to the children’s school schedule, homework, and reading plans. Workload will slowly increase as the year progresses but the fact of overloading children at such a young age is something I will keep in mind.


Mr Marc


They say that time flies when you are having fun; time has never gone so fast in the K3 class! The students kicked off their topic-based learning by travelling into the past and learning all about different types of dinosaurs, where they lived, and what they ate.


The class then shifted their focus to the ancient civilization of Egyptians. The students were introduced to several new vocabulary words and explored the mystical world of mummies, pyramids, and pharaohs. The students have been putting a great deal of effort into creating their own class pyramid made of clay, which we hope will be nothing short of a great success.


The K3 class doesn’t let a day go by without practicing math or English, and the students have worked hard to impress in these areas of school life. They’ve been introduced to basic addition as well as solidifying their counting skills. With independent reading being a big goal for the class, the students have been focusing on developing their phonetic ability over the past few weeks.


In between the students’ busy schedules, we have made time to practice our mindfulness through the MindUP™ curriculum, helping students to find clarity and remain calm when encountering situations that may put them under stress.

在學生忙碌的學習時間表中,也會抽時間練習MindUPTM 課程裏如何在面對壓力下仍然能保持平靜心境的思維方式。

We’ve also enjoyed a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival celebration with several of our parents joining in the fun! The students got off the mark with a fun moon cake race, followed by a well-deserved traditional tea and jelly sharing session. Thank you to all the parents who joined us for such a wonderful celebration.


With one month past already, we cannot wait for what lies ahead. The K3 class is excited for what the rest of the year will hold.


Mr Jacques


During the theme Amazing Me, Pre-Nursery students learnt about the five senses as well as other body parts such as head, shoulders, knees and toes through storytelling, singing and sensory games. They are also learning to identify and deal with their emotions through MindUP activities directed by the teacher. They have been doing very well at school!

學前班的孩子們在《神奇的我》這一主題活動中,通過聆聽故事和唱遊活動,認識了五官的名稱,孩子們懂得用普通話說出:「眼睛、鼻子、嘴巴、耳朵」等詞語並認識了「頭兒、肩膀、膝、腳趾」等身體的部位。孩子們還通過玩「吹泡泡」和「猜猜這是誰的(眼睛、鼻子、嘴巴、耳朵)?」等遊戲加深了對這些器官功能的認識。在情緒方面,老師通過MindUP 活動引導孩子認識自己的情緒並懂得用正確的方法舒緩自己的情緒。 學前班的小朋友能夠很快適應學校生活,你們表現真棒!

Ms Selina (Fan Lao-shi) and Ms Tracy (Huang Lao-shi) 范老師和黃老師


Welcome to the K1 class! It has been a pleasure to see the growth of the students and how they settle in better day-by-day. During the theme Animal Magic, students have been learning about various animals such as rabbits, chickens, tigers, and fish through storytelling. In order to develop their sensory skills, they have used play dough to make their own favourite animal. The students have also showed great enthusiasm during mathematics activities. They can now count from one to three.


Ms Circle (Wu Lao-shi) 吳老師


During the theme Tell Me a Story, K2 students have explored several stories; Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs, The Little Red Hen, Elmer the Patchwork Elephant, and The Gruffalo, which have enriched their vocabulary range. Their understanding of the story has been deepened through fun role play activities. They showed improvement in terms of verbal communication as they used simple vocabulary and sentences in Mandarin. They are now learning to write, which is a milestone for the students.

During the week of Mid-Autumn Festival, the students learnt about the history and traditions of this celebration. They read a Chinese poem Night Thoughts to their parents during the Parent-Student Sharing Session.


Ms Selina (Fan Lao-shi) 范老師


K3 students kicked off their first theme People and the Past by reading The Stone Soup. Not only have they understood that people in the past used to cook with branches, but also learnt about costumes and men’s hairstyles in the past. They even experienced the fun of braiding, using wool as the hair!

To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, the students have made osmanthus jelly, which is a very delicious Chinese dessert.


Ms Tracy (Huang Lao-shi) 黃老師

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