Mills International Preschool is founded by Ms Joanna Hotung. The Hotung family has been a prominent supporter of top quality education in Hong Kong and internationally for over 100 years.

Schools founded by the family in Hong Kong and still prominent today include the following:

  • Kowloon Junior School (ESF)

  • King George V School (KGV) (ESF)

  • Hotung Secondary School

  • Tung Lin Kok Yuen

  • The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education

The family has also endowed chairs at the University of Hong Kong.

Internationally, the family has endowed many top schools and universities, including:

  • Georgetown University

  • Colgate University

  • Tufts University

  • St George’s, University of London

  • SOAS, University of London

  • St Antony’s College, University of Oxford

  • Churchill College, University of Cambridge