the mills uniform

All students, including those attending Playgroup classes, must wear the appropriate uniform to school and only uniform items may be worn to school each day.  A uniform instills a sense of pride and community, and students are expected to take care of their uniform items.

For Preschool (PN, K1, K2, K3 classes), there are separate uniform items for summer and winter, as well as for regular school and PE days. There is also a school bag. You can purchase all uniform items at our administration office.

All students should wear white ankle socks with summer uniform. Girls should wear non-patterned grey or navy blue stockings with winter regular uniform.

All students are required to wear plain black outdoor/sports shoes to and from school, and plain white indoor/sports shoes whilst at school.

Build your uniform:


You’ll need two of each shirt. Are you in Sky House or Sun House? Make sure you get the right colour!


Now for the bottoms! Do you want to wear shorts or a skort in the summer? A skort and tights or trousers in the winter? Don’t forget your PE shorts for summer and PE trousers for winter too.


It can get cold! Wrap up warm with a cosy cardigan for your formal uniform, a wooly sweatshirt for PE, and a fleecy jacket for those super cold days!


Don’t forget your schoolbag! Now you’re ready for school!