Why Mills?


The early years are the most influential in a child’s life. It’s when children begin to express their personalities and develop a natural curiosity in the world around them. These years are a crucial time of extraordinary cognitive, physical, emotional, and social growth. Maximising children’s learning experiences during their early years is the best investment we can make in ensuring their future well-being and success.


We believe that children develop an enthusiasm for learning when they are taught through a variety of fun, stimulating, and developmentally appropriate activities. We know that they learn best when given support and granted space for creativity. This is why we place equal focus on music, drama, art and sports, as well as language, communication, numeracy and science. We understand the importance of providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment, and qualified teachers who want the best for each and every child. Mills students are encouraged to play, imagine, cooperate with others, lead and follow. At Mills, we go beyond teaching academic skills. We sow the seeds of socialisation, friendship, self-confidence, teamwork, respect, and gratitude.

We value close ties between child, family and school, and encourage parental involvement in our Mills community. Establishing trust between parents and teachers, and maintaining open lines of communication are an important part of our partnering process.

We look forward to your child joining Mills and working with you as we guide and encourage them on their road to learning.

— Deirdre McCloskey
School Director

there’s something different happening at mills…

We started Mills because co-curricular arts wasn’t enough. I started Kids’ Gallery in 1996 when my daughter Natasha got in trouble for painting an elephant orange instead of grey. I wanted my kids to be able to come to a place where freedom of expression wasn’t just encouraged but rewarded. From the time my daughters were two and four, they spent everyday after school taking arts classes in painting, drama, singing, and even computer science at Kids’ Gallery.

In 2013, my daughters were 18 and 22, but kids across Hong Kong were still experiencing the same level of rigidity in school settings. Coming to an arts class once or twice a week having spent five long days studying in a non-creative environment wasn’t enough. So we decided to channel all our resources from Kids’ Gallery, Face Productions, and Star English — all educational arms of the KG Group — into a preschool. Hong Kong children would finally be able to become completely immersed in creative education.

Six years on, Mills now nurtures creative, curious, and confident young minds by integrating the best of Kids’ Gallery, Face Productions, and Star English curriculum and resources with the academically rigorous UK Early Years Framework, and introducing important character building skills through the scientifically acclaimed mindfulness programme, MindUP.

We’re realising our vision of creating a world of bright young minds that are unafraid to think laterally, dive into problems courageously, and communicate confidently. Come be part of it.


— Joanna Hotung
Founder of the KG Group
Mills International School Supervisor